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The John Street Studios were launched in 2014 by Pascale Gomes-McNabb and Dr. Terry Wu to provide long term affordable working spaces for twelve artists.

Dr. Terry Wu:

"The lack of quality and affordable studio spaces for artists is a topic that has often come up in conversations I have had with the Melbourne arts community. The rent has become as prohibitive as house prices. I felt that this situation needed attention as quality studio spaces are most essential for an artist's practice. I wanted to set up an example of where people can invest in the arts community in the most immediate and effective fashion. So far John Street Studios has proven to be successful beyond my expectations. The studio artists have settled in well and produced artworks that have been shown in ARIs, commercial galleries and institutions, some for the first time. I am heartened that the studios have assisted in launching some of the artists' careers."

Q&A with Dr Terry Wu from NAVA website here

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